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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Samsung Series 9 2012: A01 vs. A02 Elucidated

A01: core i5-2467M @ 1.6GHz, two slots reported in BIOS (2GB each)
International Warranty sticker - I don't remember this on the A02?
Setting up Windows... it still thinks it's 12 hours later than it is (and thus the wrong date)

So it seems the only difference is the BIOS V. P03AAH on the A02 with a date of 2/2/2012 and P04AAH on the A01 with a date of 2/28/2012.

This could easily be a fluke (my particular A01 sat in the factory for a bit longer so got a BIOS upgrade?). I'm gonna go ahead and conclude the different models were intended to house different versions of Windows, but in the end someone decided to force Home Premium on errryyybody.

Oh, the wallpaper for the A01 is set to some Samsung 'amor2' thing. A02 uses "Microsoft Signature." (It's possible something I installed made this change on A02).
And now that I look further, there seems to be other bloat on the A01 - >
Amazon Kindle
WildTangent Games
and some things are lacking (like Zune).

The A01 seems to get very hot. The A02 never got this hot!
Also, here are photos.

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