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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Make Pebble Watch Control Spotify on Android Using Bluetooth!

I just got my Pebble watch today - which is awesome. I've been wanting an e-ink bluetooth bridge to my phone for a while now and when I found the Kickstarter I immediately jumped on it.

 Kira is intrigued by it.

The watch is thin and light enough to accommodate my Eric-Foreman-wrists, and its packaging, interface, and app are all quite well done. I may turn the Pebble it into a dogtag via some 3d printed techneesh parts (due to seemingly impending carpal tunnel syndrome), but for now I'll try it out as intended.

Unfortunately one of the only default apps (music player) doesn't work to control Spotify! After trying about 10 different hacks/apps/mods, I found a working solution!
See video:
I used Media Button Router - so kudos to Harleen Sahni!


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  2. Yes, but how did you do it? I haven't been able to make it work, I have MBR installed and Spotify, but when I press play on the Pebble Watch it always plays the default Android player.