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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Droid Bionic Optimizations - Extended Bat. Wireless Charging

Last night I was about to embark upon a different project- but then someone brought in the mail.

Maybe it was just my ADHD, but I immediately became excited to dive into a potentially impossible project on a subject about which I have very limited knowledge.

It seems starting a new puzzle is more tempting than finishing existing ones. Probably why my office looks the way it does.

Anyway, the boxes contained the HP touchstone and HP palm cover that I bought to enable wireless charging on my droid bionic (with extended battery).

I actually achieved success in about 30 minutes!

Cost: $13
Time: 30-45 mins
Tools: dremel (optional), soldering iron, wire, aforementioned parts, electrical tape, and the blinding desire to solve puzzles that probably don't need to be solved. and willingness to likely void your warranty.

Disclaimer: you could mess up and brick your phone. enjoy!

Here are some photos and vids.


  1. great job! now how do I get you to mod one for me?

  2. There is four pins (Or Contacts) for the Bionic Inductive Charging Back not just two wires (Or Contacts). Two are for the obvious purpose which is the power pick up by the Coil, the other two are what makes the Qi standard superior to even regular charging or any other wireless charging method because it eliminates over-charging any device. Anyways the last two using the Qi standard communicate wirelessly with the Qi enabled charging pad and tell it to turn off the charging so it doesn't overcharge the battery. This in theory will ruin the device's battery if it can't shutoff the charging.

  3. Tried this setup and configuration, but ran into problems and would love some clarification on your setup.

    The positive and negative from the Palm inductive coil is easy to figure out, but the proper connection on the Bionic inductive side isn't quite as obvious. What 4 pins did you connect to for positive and negative?

    Tried connecting the positive to the top as referenced in red wire wise in your image and black wire, but this simply shorts out and does not draw the 5-volts from the inductive charger.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks for the advice. Brian...

  4. of the four pins i just used the top one and the bottom- i don't remember any more than what's in the video, sorry :(

    i think the two middle ones are used to ensure the device is not overcharged, but it probably has software to ensure that outside of that

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  6. Yes...the top and bottom are them and we just had them backwards. The 5v input is the bottom pin and the ground is the top pin on the Droid Bionic. The Positive connection on the Pre Inductive Back is also the bottom connection.

    Sadly though, my Droid Bionic kept freaking out and reporting Connected to Inductive/Disconnected to Inductive even when away from the TouchStone charger.

    I ended removing it, since it was stuck in this loop and I may have originally caused my own problem by trying the positive/negative the other way previous. Not sure, but thanks for the input and I'll live with what I have default. Sorli...